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Understanding Your Industry Is Key Component to
Successful Financial Planning

LFG understands the needs and nuances of financial planning for medical professionals.  As a busy medical professional, you likely don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to properly plan for your financial future on your own.  We provide real life solutions to the real life challenges you face by helping you create a roadmap towards your financial goals.
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Med-Tech Professionals

As a tech professional you are uniquely situated to own your financial future early on in your career. This is not just because of the work that you do and the salary you’ll earn, but because of the long-term, vested interest in the company through equity compensation package that will allow you to move closer to your financial goals when exercised in the right way. A major part of LFG’s role in guiding our clients is helping them understand their wide-ranging benefits and how each benefit impacts the rest of their financial life.
Clients We Serve


Financial planning for physicians involves unique challenges that are not addressed in traditional financial planning.  From getting a career started on a path to financial stability with debt repayment strategies, contract review and insurance planning, to helping you identify your financial goals and the strategies to reach them, LFG will strive to help you find financial success. We will focus on your financial health while you are busy caring for your patients’ health. 
Clients We Serve


Dentists often have two full-time jobs – dentist and practice CEO.  LFG will partner with you in managing debt and personal wealth, establishing financial strategies for a practice, planning retirement for both the individual and employees of the practice, and strategizing to minimize tax and risk. Regardless of the chosen practice path, we can guide dentists through all stages of their careers.

Common Challenges

There’s No Time
You do not have time to focus on your finances. You need someone to help keep you accountable
You feel a lack of direction or strategy for what you want your money to do for you. You’re just trying to get through each day with the limited time you have!
Managing Debt
You feel burdened by your student loans and other debt. How fast should you be paying your debt off?
Understanding CashFlow
You can’t seem to get your arms around your spending and you don’t have the time to try.
Prioritize Excess Funding
You feel like you should be saving for your kid’s education, but you are unsure how to balance that with saving for your own long-term future and spending money on valuable experiences now.
Protecting your Family
You want to have a plan in place for your family in case something was to happen to one/both of you.
Need a personal CFO
You work with other professionals but lack a single point of contact to coordinate communication amongst them. You’d appreciate someone who sees the full picture.
Setting Expectations
Real financial planning comes from discovering what is most important to you. Align resources to what is most valued.